Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Speech Needs Your Help

There is a movement to reform England's draconian Libel Laws, but they need your help. The Libel Reform Campaign is collecting signatures for a petition to parliament. Currently the laws require the writer or speaker to carry the burden of proof of malicious intent instead of the accuser. This means that anyone who posts their work in England OR ON THE INTERNET can be sued for libel in England's courts and will have to pay thousands, sometimes millions of pounds to defend themselves.* This creates an atmosphere of fear. Reporters, bloggers, even essayist must consider the fact that they could be sued into poverty at any moment if they anger the wrong person or group with their work. Please take a moment to sign this petition and protect Free Speech

*This has happened to Investigative Science Reporter, Simon Singh. To learn more about his story go to: & &

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