Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on Dannika and a Request

The Dannika White Fund has been busy exploring new and interesting avenues of fundraising. We've joined Chip In! ( on the web, and have been collecting amazingly generous donations through our collection jars that are placed in local St. Augustine businesses. Our Modest Needs campaign has been steadily growing toward the goal, but we are running out of time to fund it. If we don't reach the goal in time, we will have to reapply and try again. Lastly, we also have some amazing collectibles up for auction on our Ebay store:

Dannika had a health set-back over the Memorial Day weekend. An abscess burst and nearly sent her to the hospital. Luckily, her dentist was able to order her antibiotics and pain killers right away. It took nearly a week for her health to improve enough for Dr. Oxford to consider taking out the infected teeth, but in the end she had two teeth removed and the fund had collected enough money to cover this small surgery.

Removing these two teeth should provide us a little more time to tackle raising the necessary 6K. We are hoping to be able to get Dannika into surgery by the end of the summer. So here's our request: please help us with our fundraising campaign by posting our Chip In! widget on your blogs, Facebook page, and any other online community to which you belong. Simply copy the script and paste it where you'd like it placed. This widget will facilitate the placement of funds into the Dannika White Fund Paypal account and is 100% secure.

Thanks for helping us spread the word. I'll write again soon with some more good news about our progress!

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